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So, there are a variety of cheats for PUBG Mobile. In this section of our article, we will only describe what advantages such cheats can provide you. And although the use of cheats and codes in such a game can sometimes turn into a ban, the benefits of such cheats are undeniable.

Unlike PUBG Mobile cheats on PC, the phone version of the game (Android and iOS) provides much less functionality available when using cheats. However, cheats for PUBG Mobile still provide enough advantages to use them. We will describe the main features that they provide in this section of our article.

So, using the PUBG Mobile cheats, you can get the following benefits:

Drop. You can see the drop directly on the radar, including any items, armor and rifles of the second level and above. At the same time, pistols and shotguns will be turned off on this radar. This is done in order not to clog the radar itself.

VX. You gain the ability to see your enemies through walls at a distance of up to 500 meters. And although it is possible to make sure that you will see your enemies even further, this can cause significant lags. Therefore, we do not advise you to resort to this.

Purpose (Aim). When using cheats on PUBG Mobile, you no longer need to worry about shooting enemies. As soon as your hero sees the enemy, he will automatically aim his sight at him and start shooting at him.

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