A feature of PUBG is that part of the packages is exchanged directly between players. Cheats and other hacks can intercept and manipulate these packets.

The main type of cheats are programs that run in parallel with PUBG, or replace part of its files, being built in "under the skin" of the client part of the game.

Aimbot (autoaim) - automatic aiming at the enemy. There is also a variety that provides only assistance in aiming. The lower the rate of this help, the more difficult it will be to determine that you are playing with a cheat.

Anti recoil (no recoil) - simply removes vertical and horizontal recoil, bullets fly almost to the point.

Radar - a radar showing the location of other players, drops and loot on the map. There are different types, there are those that can be run on a separate monitor, in an overlay, or even on an application on a phone or tablet. Also, the radar can highlight players or change their texture to bright and plain (specified in the settings). You can make everyone become green men.

Wallhack (aka: wh, in, x-ray, x-ray) - the ability to see through walls and other obstacles. It can show loot and other players with information about them: health, weapons, distance. There are settings that allow you to highlight only certain objects, for example, armor from level 2, some category of weapons and ammunition.

Speedhack (speedhack) - allows you to increase the speed of running, reloading and rate of fire.

Cheat on cleaning vegetation - makes grass, bushes and tree crowns transparent, replaces the earth with a plain texture. All players are in full view.

In the early stages of the game, there were also cheats that allowed you to shoot objects, fly, including in transport, and also shoot at any distance, shooting objects. But this tin was soon covered up.

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