О нас

About us

Why us

We strive to provide you with the best possible software while maintaining protection from the game developers' bans.

We are a professional team of coders, our subsidiary project procheat.ru We develop software for gamers who play on cyber arenas and in every way please users of our private project with complex softwares within the framework of privacy, access to programs is provided for no more than a fee in our piggy bank.

We do not have intermediaries, all software can be purchased on our website by any means of payment in the Russian Federation. After the purchase, you will receive further instructions in your inbox. After the acquisition, all users are available support service.


Using our own algorithms for bypassing the security system, we are not introduced into the game, each user remains within the confidentiality

Our technologies make it possible to provide strong protection for each user, we use our own drivers with the original signature, in case of protection updates by game developers, the loader may temporarily prevent you from entering the game for security purposes, as a rule, the update takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

User protection

SSL certificate, anonymous purchases

We do not collect user data, no one will contact you to ask for data about you. All correspondence on our website or email: admin@cheats.gq

Work programs

Access to programs for full work

Our programs replace drivers before starting the game in automatic mode; for such operations, it is necessary to turn off real-time protection and run programs on behalf of the administrator.


Denied access to private projects

Our cheats are made under Legit settings. We encourage users to stay in the shade and not use cheats aggressively, this can lead to game blocking. Following the lock, game developers will try to patch a bug in their game, which can lead to freezing of the program for an indefinite period of technical work. We do not refund money after product activation. If the program for some reason does not work, you have the right to request a refund.