How to run cheats?

Pre-disable antivirus, Windows Defender
Close Steam (or another game store) and the game itself
Download the cheat loader from the link in your account
Unzip the archive to a USB drive, or to a folder on the C: / drive
Rename the exe file from the archive to a random character set
Run the exe file as administrator
Activate the cheat key, according to the instructions from your personal account, press the injection button
Delete the archive with the cheat, as well as the exe-file and all other cheat files, if the launch was not from a USB drive, and also delete the files from the recycle bin.
Start the game

How to avoid ban when playing with cheats?

Cheats sold on are not detected by anti-cheats at the time of sale. In case of mass detection, sales will be suspended. However, the developers collect information about your in-game actions, and if they are very different from the actions of other players, then you will receive a temporary game lock. Here are some tips:

Do not drive on walls if you see an adversary through ESP
Loot houses completely, do not go for only one useful thing.
Do not use the No Spread function (no spread)
Do not kill more than 3-5 people per match on your new PUBG account. (up to 3 months)
Do not kill more than 12 people on your old PUBG account (more than 3 months)
Do not squeeze too much distance, do not use a silencer on automatic rifles. (especially Beryl and AKM!)
Try to shoot primarily at the body, not at the head.