Universities told to throw the book at web essay cheats

Universities Minister Jo Johnson is launching nationwide guidance to tackle the plagiarism problem on university campuses

Universities Minister Jo Johnson is launching nationwide guidance to tackle the plagiarism problem on university campuses

Students who cheat using ‘essay mill’ websites face tough penalties under a government crackdown.

Universities Minister Jo Johnson is launching nationwide guidance to tackle the plagiarism problem on university campuses.

This could lead to growing numbers of undergraduates being expelled for serious offences in future.

At least 100 websites provide custom written essays for students to submit as part of their degrees.

At present, it is left to individual institutions to develop their own plagiarism policies in line with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

Mr Johnson has now told higher education watchdog the Quality Assurance Agency, Universities UK, which represents vice chancellors, and the National Union of Students to draw up guidelines to clamp down on campus cheats.

He wants the QAA to take action against the online advertising of essay mill websites, and universities to impose ‘tough new penalties’ on students who use them.

It is understood the Government expects universities to sign up to this voluntary guidance, due to be introduced for the 2017/18 academic year, to help create a standard approach across institutions in dealing with students who turn to these services.

This could involve recommending that all universities use expulsions to combat use of the websites, or that they place of marks against students’ academic records, which would prevent them studying further, such as for masters degrees.

The Department for Education has not ruled out introducing further sanctions in future such as fines or prosecution, but this would require legislation.

Mr Johnson said: ‘This form of cheating is unacceptable and every university should have strong policies and sanctions in place to detect and deal with it.

‘Essay mill websites threaten to undermine the high quality reputation of a UK degree so it is vital that the sector works together to address this in a consistent and robust way.’

The spread of essay mill websites was uncovered in a QAA report, commissioned by the Government and published last year. It warned that essay mills were a ‘growing threat to UK higher education’.

The QAA found that the websites often advertise their services to students for a fee and many promote ‘plagiarism free guarantees’ or essays tested against plagiarism detection software.

At present, it is left to individual institutions to develop their own plagiarism policies in line with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education

At present, it is left to individual institutions to develop their own plagiarism policies in line with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education

Prices charged by these sites vary depending on the complexity of essay and tightness of deadline.

They can range from £200 for a single essay to as high as £6,750 for a PhD dissertation. Ian Kimber, the QAA’s standards director, said: ‘Essay mills are a major challenge for universities and colleges because, unlike other forms of cheating, the practice is notoriously difficult to detect.

‘We look forward to continuing our work with the Government and sector colleagues in addressing an issue potentially damaging to students and the reputation of UK higher education.’

Universities already have penalties for students found to be submitting work that is not their own.

Such academic misconduct is a breach of an institution’s disciplinary regulations and can result in students being expelled. But there is no standard approach. The new guidance will urge universities to target essay mill cheats. Institutions will be asked to publicise better their current policies on student cheating.

Information will also be issued to students ‘about the potentially significant negative impacts on their future if they are caught cheating’.

Dame Julia Goodfellow, president of Universities UK, said: ‘Universities take plagiarism and cheating extremely seriously. Submitting work written by someone else is cheating and devalues the efforts of students who work hard to achieve their degrees.

‘The higher education sector has already done a lot of work in this area and universities have become more experienced in detecting and dealing with such forms of cheating. Universities UK will work with the QAA and the NUS to update guidance in this area.


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Men are most likely to cheat at this age, apparently

We took a guess, and we were WAY off.

According to research conducted by the University of New Hampshire, a man’s eye is most likely to wander at age 55.

The study, which focused on the economic costs and benefits of cheating on a spouse, also showed that for men, getting caught was a bigger deterrent than eternal damnation. Already seven percent more likely to cheat than women, the likelihood of a man having had an affair increases with age, peaking at 55.

Meanwhile women are most likely to have an affair at age 45, something the authors of the study put down to biological factors.

“The benefits of female infidelity reduce after the age of 40 because a woman would no longer benefit in terms of improved gene quality from the affair.” report the researchers. “Men also experience a reduction of sperm quality around the age of 45, but the reproductive benefits of an affair expand further into a man’s lifetime than a woman’s,”

Interestingly, upper-class women are eight percent more likely to cheat than middle and lower-class women, while men were equally likely to cheat, regardless of their background.

This article first appeared on Her.ie.



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Naagin 2 19 February 2017 written update, preview: Yamini cheats death and comes back home; surprises Shivaangi!

In Naagin 2, Shivaangi had almost killed Yamini but she survived. That came as a surprise to Shivaangi when Yamini came back home the next morning. Actually, Shivaangi and Rudra had killed Yamini last night. Shivaangi threw Yamini from a mountain and there were no chances of her survival. Moreover, Shivaangi had shown her true face to Yamini but Yamini didn’t say anything to Shivaangi when she came back. This is another surprise for Shivaangi. Rather, Shivaangi is worried that Yamini has seen her and now she will reveal her truth to the complete family. Moreover, Yamini had asked Shivaangi to go with her somewhere the next day. Shivaangi is thinking that Yamini must have made some plans against her. But the fact is, Yamini couldn’t see Shivaangi. When Shivaangi wrapped Yamini in her tail, something fell in Yamini’s eyes and she couldn’t see who was along with Rudra. Shivaangi doesn’t know about this thing. Apart from that, Yamini survived because she got stuck in the bushes when Shivaangi threw her from the mountain.

When Yamini was stuck in the bushes, Utra, their old maid, found Yamini and she brought her home where she treated her with herbs. That is how Yamini survived. But Shivaangi is not aware about the fact.

Yamini told about her survival story to Madhurani and Shesha. Now she has planned to take Shivaangi along with her to panchneg haveli. Shivaangi got a symbol of suryavansh on her body so she can pick up the naagmani from its place. Yamini doesn’t want to delay her plans so she has made the plan to take Shivaangi with her to get the naagmani.

On the other hand, Shivaangi was upset that she killed Yamini. She was upset about hurting Rocky as Rocky took her as his mother. Whereas he in unaware about the fact that Yamini is using him and she is the one who killed his parents also. Rocky was a child then and he thinks that his parents died in an accident. Shivaangi gives a clue to Rocky to think about the death of his parents as she expresses her doubt that someone might have murdered them. Rocky finds Shivaangi’s doubt useful and he tells her that he will try to investigate it later. (ALSO READ: Shivaangi and Rudra’s next move against Manav!)

Tonight, we will see that Yamini is going to take Shivaangi to panchneg haveli to pick up the naagmani. On the other hand, Vikram is seen recovering at Madhurani’s palace. Actually he is the one who knows the truth about Shivaangi so everyone is waiting for him to revive so that they can know the truth about the second serpent. Stay tuned to know what Yamini’s next plans are. How Shivaangi will be able to cope up with the deadly plans of Yamini. (ALSO READ: Will Shivaangi’s attempts to kill Yamini be successful?)

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Mother, son cheat death twice after car knocks them off bridge and almost falls on them – Regional

BEIJING: A mother and her six-year-old son escaped alive after they were knocked off a bridge by an SUV in southwestern China last week, Chinese media reported.

The mother and child were walking along a bridge near the entrance of a hospital in Chongqing on February 12 when a black SUV on the other side suddenly reversed into them, the Chongqing Economic Times reported.

Surveillance footage showed the car crashing into railings and knocking the pair off the bridge.

In the split seconds before the vehicle – perched precariously on the edge of the bridge – fell over, the injured woman quickly crawled over to her son to protect him using her body and tried to move the both of them away.

The woman and her six-year-old son both suffered injuries in the accident. Photo: Handout.


The SUV then fell off the bridge, crashing into the ground beside them at the spot where the woman had been only a while ago.

The woman said she thought only of her son when she saw the car reversing into them, but managed only to grab her son’s hand before they were hit.

“I had nothing on my mind but my child. He is my only child,” the woman was quoted as saying.

The six-year-old was seriously injured and admitted into intensive care in the Chongqing Children’s Hospital. His mother suffered a fractured pelvis.

The SUV driver, a middle-aged woman, crawled out of the car unhurt after the accident.

The driver said she was new to driving and that she lost control of the car after she hit the brake pedal and clutch at the same time. – South China Morning Post

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Film Hero Cheats Heroine in Krishna Nagar || Hyderabad || NTV

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Pokémon Go updated this week, and along with the addition of a new generation of Pokémon, the update includes two new evolutions for Eevee.

The new evolutions are the dark-type Pokémon Umbreon and the psychic-type Pokémon Espeon. As with Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon in the first generation of the game, you can control their evolution by renaming your Eevee before it evolves.

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The Extreme Ways Man Has Tried to Cheat Death

Eating monkey brains, drinking blood and 22 other ways man has tried to cheat death

1600 B.C.

An antiwrinkle recipe for “transforming an old man into a youth” is recorded on the back of an ancient papyrus. It calls for water mixed with something called hemayet fruit, and then boiled and dried.


Those who want to live a longer life are advised to consume a mix of root powder, gold, honey and butter after a morning bath, according to the Sushruta Samhita, an ancient Sanskrit medical text.


Alchemist Li Shao Chun advises the Han Emperor to eat with utensils made of gold transmuted from cinnabar, a potentially toxic substance known today as mercury sulfide.


Cleopatra supposedly bathes in donkey’s milk to preserve her youthful beauty. It was mainly a skin treatment.


Pliny the Elder reports of Romans with epilepsy rushing to drink blood from gladiators to cure their ailment and gain strength and vigor. (Pliny did not think this was a good idea.)


For ancient Taoists, the ideal diet for longevity includes spices, vegetables, turtles, crane eggs and other food from long-living creatures. Doing breath exercises and abstaining from orgasm are also advised.


The alchemist Ge Hong describes a medicine made from the brains of a particular kind of monkey that, mixed with herbs, would lengthen life up to 500 years.




In The Cure of Old Age, the monk and philosopher Roger Bacon recommends drinking wine and powders made of gold, pearl, coral and bone from a stag’s heart. He also advised eating vipers.

1489 [BLOOD]

Philosopher Marsilio Ficino suggests the elderly drink the blood of young men to rejuvenate themselves. A few years later, Pope Innocent VIII supposedly tried it. He died shortly after.


Luigi Cornaro begins a series on how to live a long life. He emphasizes moderation in all things. The work is hugely popular and is translated into multiple languages.


To preserve her youth, Diane de Poitiers, mistress to Henry II of France and 20 years his senior, drinks a mixture including gold chloride and diethyl ether.

1623 [BATHS]

Sir Francis Bacon posits that those hoping for a long life should conserve the spirit and repair damage quickly. To achieve those ends he recommends opium and baths.


Tobias Whitaker, later physician to King Charles II of England, advocates wine as having a role in extending life. Whitaker likely dies in his 60s.

1667 [BLOOD]

French doctor Jean-Baptiste Denis performs the first animal-human blood transfusion. The human patient recovered afterward.


George Cheyne, the pioneering doctor who advanced vegetarianism, suggests that those who drink only water from a young age could live to be 100.

1796 [VIRGINS]

The German physician Christoph Hufeland recommends lying next to young women–not for sex, but to sleep in the proximity of youth. This was common in other countries.


At age 72, Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard, a physiologist and neurologist, injects himself for three weeks with an aqueous extract of dog and guinea-pig testes, testicular blood and seminal fluid.


The Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner says raw food, which he termed “sunlight food,” is the key to prolonging life. He later becomes known as the creator of muesli.

CIRCA 1901

Future Russian Nobel laureate Élie Metchnikoff suggests that aging may be countered with a lactic-acid-rich diet that includes the regular consumption of sour milk as a way to repopulate the intestines with good bacteria.


Eugen Steinach experiments with a popular procedure that involves a partial vasectomy. Among his patients were W.B. Yeats and Sigmund Freud. The latter hoped it might slow his jaw cancer. It didn’t.


Serge Voronoff, a Russian émigré to France, popularizes the idea of transplanting testicular glands from chimpanzees and monkeys into men as a way to restore youthful vigor. By the end of 1926, Voronoff would claim a thousand grafts.


Dr. Charles G. Davis writes about radium as a wonder drug that “vivifies the living cell” and can alleviate ailments of old age.


John Brinkley, a radio evangelist and quack in Kansas, transplants testicular glands from goats into humans. His radio and medical licenses were revoked in 1930.

1930 [BLOOD]

British newspapers report that a man named Giocondo Protti successfully rejuvenated the elderly by performing blood transfusions from young donors.