Ice cream shop cashier cheats eight Hong Kong banks out of HK$1.4 million using stolen credit card details

An ice cream shop cashier admitted on Tuesday to cheating eight banks out of more than HK$1.4 million using credit card details stolen from 70 customers and colleagues.

The District Court heard that the information was used to make 246 unauthorised purchases, including handbags and electronic devices, between October 2014 and February 2015.

District judge Timothy Casewell was told that Ma Tsz-Wa, 23, had met someone called “Ah Fai” on Facebook, who was recruiting people with the promise of quick money.

Syndicate racked up HK$650,000 in shopping spree on stolen credit cards

She told him that as a cashier at HeyYo!!, she would have access to customers’ credit card details, and he agreed to pay her HK$5,500 for them.

Ma at first did not use the information she collected from 64 customers and six colleagues.

But two months on, she began making purchases through DBS Bank, Bank of East Asia, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, China Construction Bank and CCB International.

Believing those purchases were properly authorised by the cardholders, the banks approved the transactions.

The total sum of unauthorised purchases exceeded HK$1.42 million. This included 10 transactions rejected by HSBC and Hang Seng Bank.

Ma was arrested after a bank called police in February 2015.

Hong Kong police bust criminal syndicate that stole credit cards from swimming pool lockers

On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud, six of fraud and two of attempted fraud.

Her lawyer said in mitigation that she had committed the offences out of greed as she had grown up in a poor family, with both of her parents collecting government subsidies.

Sentencing was adjourned to May 10, pending Ma’s background report.

Fraud is punishable by 14 years’ imprisonment.

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Benefits cheat Chelsey Harwood continues to troll taxpayer after splurging on £500 shoes

Chelsey Harwood has continued to troll the taxpayer – after splashing out almost £500 on a pair of designer shoes.

The reality star was this week exposed as a £25,000 benefit cheat and given a two-year suspended sentence.

Reality star Chelsey Harwood (29) from St Helens leaves Liverpool Crown Court after admitting £25,000 of benefit fraud.

The 29-year-old was also slapped with a two-month home curfew from 9pm to 6am daily and yesterday proudly showed off her tag on snapchat.

Now Chelsey has posted a photo of designer shoes to her Facebook page, with the caption: “This is what hard earned money buys you #WorksHardForTheMoney suns out tags out.”

Chelsey Harwood shows off her designer shoes on social media

The Sophia Webster shoes retail for £460 and have been worn by celebrities such as Blake Lively and J.K. Rowling.

During a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court , John Rowan, defending Harwood said that she was “remorseful and shameful” – but she was later pictured jumping for joy outside court and told the ECHO she was “not one little bit sorry”.

Harwood, from Dingle , admitted three counts of benefit fraud after falsely claiming £25,156 of employment support allowance and housing benefit over three years – despite appearing in glossy magazines boasting about earning up to £2,500 a month as a webcam girl.

Prosecutors said the benefit claims were initially genuine, but she failed to declare income from self-employed work, between April 2013 and January 2016.

She moved from Liverpool to her current home in Cleveland Street, St Helens , and then made further false claims on renewal forms.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, handed Harwood four months in prison, suspended for two years, plus two years of supervision.

As well as her home curfew, she must complete 100 hours of unpaid work, and take part in a ‘women’s turnaround project.’

Since the case concluded, Harwood has shared a series of pictures and videos on Snapchat, where she celebrated being “free as a bird” as she sipped cocktails with friends at a swanky Lark Lane bar.

She later took to the social media site to share a picture of her ankle tag, which she also posted to Facebook alongside the caption “tagged up” – adding “my nerves are gone with this tag. Keep thinking it’s going to set the box off and start beeping”.

Chelsey Harwood flaunted her new ankle tag on snapchat – just hours after being exposed as a £25k benefits cheat.

Immediately after the court case, Harwood gave a full and frank interview to the ECHO where she said she had received the money from sugar daddies and that she wasn’t “going to beg for forgiveness”.

She said: “I don’t know [what I spent the money on.] It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t that kind of situation where I was just given lump sums of money. I understand that it’s more than some people earn in a year but it was given to me sporadically by a sugar daddy.”

She added: “I pay road tax, I pay cigarette tax. I pay my tax. I’m not saying sorry, I’m not sorry one little bit.

“It’s not that I’m not sorry, I’ve been given my punishment today. That’s my punishment. Do you know what I mean?

“I don’t need to beg to forgiveness to ECHO readers.

“Why should I get down on my hands and knees and beg anyone for forgiveness when I’m going to be serving a [suspended] sentence for two years anyway? What do you want me to do? I’m not going to beg on the floor.”

State opens amnesty window for 800,000 tax cheats | News

HARRISBURG – A new tax amnesty program allows tax cheats to make good without penalty and with the interest on their tax debts cut in half.

State officials say they hope the state government can get $100 million by coaxing debtors to come forward.

The amnesty is the result of a law passed last year and only opens a 60-day window for individuals and businesses to get back in the state’s good graces.

“The overwhelming majority of individuals and businesses pay their state taxes on time, but for those living with the burden of unpaid taxes, this program is an opportunity to get relief,” said C. Daniel Hassell, the Revenue Department’s deputy secretary for tax policy. “The application process is easy” but the window closes June 19, he said.

“In business, stuff happens and it’s not always good stuff,” said David Black, president and CEO of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. He joined Hassell at a Capitol press conference on the amnesty program.

Particularly with small businesses, when times get tough, struggling owners may feel like they have to choose between paying their workers or paying the government, Black said.

“You get behind and it snowballs,” he said.

Black welcomes the amnesty because “it’s a win-win” by providing a way out a tax mess for individuals and businesses and by providing new tax money for the state.

The Revenue Department has identified 862,598 taxpayers who owe delinquent taxes. Of those, 1 in 5 are from outside Pennsylvania.

Pioneer Credit Recovery is assisting the Department of Revenue with the administration of the program under requirements established by state law and the department.

Hasell said the contractor will have about 150 people in its call center to respond to delinquent taxpayers.

“I would hope that’s enough,” he said.

The Department of Revenue is also launching a television ad campaign for the amnesty program, Hassell said.

The contractor, the ad campaign and the Department of Revenue’s efforts for the amnesty program are expected to carry a combined price tag of about $21 million, he said.

This is the third tax amnesty offered by Pennsylvania in the past 20 years. An amnesty offer in 1995-96 generated $93 million in recouped taxes for the state. The last amnesty window opened in 2010 netted the state $254 million.

Hassell said state officials are not projecting as significant a windfall in this amnesty program because it’s not been that long since the last one.

Even so, roughly one-third of the almost $3.5 billion in delinquent taxes that could be recouped from the amnesty have been owed for more than a decade.

Hassell said that he doesn’t believe these amnesty windows should be opened on a regular basis because “it sends the wrong message.”

However, he added: “Make no mistake, they will still pay more than if they’d paid their taxes on time.”

Tax cheats who fail to take advantage of the amnesty risk a 5 percent penalty if the state tracks them down once the window closes.

Even without the amnesty window, the Revenue Department collects about $600 million a year in delinquent taxes from its normal enforcement efforts, Hassell said.

As an incentive to those who have been flying under the radar, individuals and businesses with tax liabilities unknown to the department only have to file and pay taxes dating back to Jan. 1, 2011.

Hassell said that the state will benefit if it can get people who’ve been operating under the table to come forward because those people will presumably pay taxes from now on.

Businesses owe 65 percent of the back taxes in corporation taxes, employer withholding taxes and sales tax. Delinquent sales tax accounts for 26 percent of the total.

Taxpayers can get more information, including eligibility requirements, at or by calling the toll-free hotline 844-PA-STATE-TAX (1-844-727-8283).

John Finnerty is based in Harrisburg and covers state government and politics. Follow him on Twitter @CNHIPA.

Just How Badly Did Street Fighter 2’s AI Cheat?

Computer opponents “cheating” in games is nothing new. Though the bonuses an AI player gets are more to address the fact it can’t think outside the box like a human can, rather than an attempt to smash you senseless every time. The bits and bytes of Street Fighter 2‘s brains were no different, relying one a single-frame advantage to get ahead of competent, flesh-and-blood combatants. Read more

StarCraft: Cheats Guide & Codes List | Walkthroughs

Starcraft Logo

The original StarCraft is now totally, 100% free for everyone on PC. While you’re enjoying the love of this classic franchise, why not jump back into the nostalgia of cheat codes? It feels all warm and fuzzy, still.

Like all classic cheat codes, these are super-easy to enter and apply to your singleplayer adventure. There are codes that make everything easy, give you godmode, let you build past the population limit, or remove Fog of War. Basically, they’re everything we wish cheat codes could be nowadays.

Dive right into the cheat codes list below, helpfully provided by the oh-so Web 1.0 classic Battlenet. That site is worth a revisit too. It’s so charmingly 1998.

Don’t miss out on the totally free release of StarCraft! You can download the installer here: [PC] / [MAC]

To enter a cheat, press the [Enter] key. Type the cheat, then press [Enter] again. These cheats apply to the PC / Mac version of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

The cheat codes below appear in bold.

power overwhelming – God Mode [Toggle]

show me the money – Gives 10,000 Gas & 10,000 Crystal [Repeatable]

operation CWAL – Faster unit / building construction

the gathering – Unlimited energy to all casting units

game over man – Ends the game with a “Game Over” failure.

staying alive – Makes your current game continue forever – no win / lose state. [Toggle]

there is no cow level – Instantly completes your current mission.

whats mine is mine – 500 minerals [Repeatable]

breathe deep – 500 Vespene Gas [Repeatable]

something for nothing – Unlocks all upgrades

black sheep wall – Reveals the map, removes all fog of war

medieval man – All unit upgrades are free

modify the phase variance – All buildings are available for construction.

war aint what it used to be – Disables Fog of War

food for thought – Unlocks the unit limit, allowing you to build above max population.

Ophelia – Enter to enable level skipping. Type in the name of the level you want to skip to, and press enter. (Ex. “terran8” or “xterran3” — Use “x” before map name for Brood War campaign levels.)

These cheats only work in the StarCraft: Brood War singleplayer expansion.

radio free zerg – Plays the secret Zerg theme song. Only available if you’re playing as the Zerg.

Source: [1]

Evewoman: I have caught him severally… I ‘allow’ my man to cheat only if…

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When a woman is caught cheating on her man, in most cases the matter ends in separation or divorce. Flat out! Most men can’t get over the idea of another man ‘with’ their women. Or, even more specific, another man ‘in’ their woman! But, interesting, many men get caught cheating — again and again — but are still forgiven.

This makes one wonder why the double standards by men? Is there a possibility that men are not just wired for monogamy, or cheating is deeply engrained in the male gene, and that some women have eventually come to terms with this sad ‘reality’?

‘State of affairs’

It is a randy male world, or so it seems? Because, for some weird reasons, there are women who know too well that their men cheat, but still keep them. Could this state of affairs be the reason why some women have given up on stopping their men from cheating, and now ‘allow’ them to practice the so-called ‘controlled infidelity’— allowing their men to sleep with other women, but with restrictions?

Nothing aptly captures this sad state of affairs than a post by one distraught women that recently caused a stir among members of a secret Facebook group (only visible by members).

Doesn’t mind flings

The woman claimed she doesn’t mind her man having flings with several other women. And that she would only have a big problem if he developed a strong liking for one particular secret lover. She added that she fears such because it rises chances of him turning her into a second wife.

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The post elicited varying responses. Despite the backlash she got, there was a relatively big number of other member in the group who bought into her school of thought. The crazy reactions to the post jolted this writer into investigating the woman’s odd school of thought.

True to form, when researching on this strange development, a couple of women shocked this writer when they told her they would not mind their men having a fling with other women once in a while as long as he is not doing it with one woman in particular. Reason?

They fear losing him completely to her! The reasoning behind it, according to these women, is that if a man cheats regularly with one woman, chances are very high he may develop ‘feelings’ for her.

Winnie Mueni*, a business lady, says she would be worried if her husband was keeping a steady girlfriend, adding that would mean it is more than just sex and fun he is having.

Fear of co-wife

“I can stand him having flings with other women, as I have always suspected. But what I can’t ignore is if I happen to know he has a full-blown affair with one woman in particular. Because that increases chances of him marrying such a woman as second wife,” says Mueni*.

“With a steady girlfriend, he is likely to lose interest in me, and even bound to become too close to her and even tell her my secrets and disparaging things about me. When he sticks to one secret lover he is likely to be committed to her, and even develop emotional attachment. Thus, the possibility of getting a co-wife or completely losing him are very high,” she concludes.

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Polygamous by nature?

This leaves one wondering are men polygamous by nature? And could demonising polygamy be the reason why many a men masquerade as monogamists, but secretly keep lovers on the side? Philip Makori, a banker, in no uncertain terms, argues that men are not wired for monogamy.

Hear him: “Look, at 45, a woman can hardly get babies. On the other hand, a man, even at 80, can still sire children— look at the Jomo Kenyattas, Njenga Karumes and Jacob Zumas of this world, they got children in their 70s. Why, then, would nature equip men with almost twice the number of reproductive years than women if it was intended that a man lives with one woman for his entire life. I feel polygamy would be the remedy to the wanton cheating we witness today?”

He goes on to add, “Much as I would wish to preach monogamy and advice men to control their desires for conquering and spirit of adventure, it may not be practically possible. Many may not hack it because they just can’t help it. Most men are born polygamous.”

Some men have been cheating left right and center, so much that their partners no longer care investigating or even confronting them anymore, and don’t even plan to leave them any time soon.

Of course she knows!

They only pray and hope they don’t catch a disease! It has increasingly become commonplace to see single women unashamedly flaunt other women’s boyfriends and husbands like medals.

“I have caught him severally and I no longer care anymore. I gave up spying on him, cheating just seems to be in his DNA. I have better things to do other than go out looking for a heartache,” says a reluctant Elva Otieno*, a Nairobi-based marketer.

Agnes Kawira*, a public relations officer, however, begs to differ with Mueni*.

“I don’t even want to think of my man cheating on me. It gives me the creeps. But is that be the case, I would rather he keeps a steady girlfriend than sleeping around with every willing Mercy, Grace and Faith,” says Kawira*, adding, “The risk of him bringing a disease home is very high when he is literally hopping around.”

Catching disease

“These multiple lovers most likely have other partners, hence exposing me to sexually transmitted diseases. If he were to have one stable girlfriend, she would probably be sleeping with him alone.” Kawira* explains.

Loyce Akinyi* confesses that her husband has a girlfriend whom she knows.

“Those two are just inseparable. I gave up trying to separate them, and I cannot walk out for the sake of our three young children. Sometimes I do crazy things like stuffing condoms in his wallet, and I just hope she is the only one,” Akinyi* says, resignation written all over her face.

It gets even stranger. Lisa, a primary school teacher says that it would hurt more if she discovered her husband was cheating with a woman who is way older than her.

“Men always cheat. That much I know. Personally, I have never caught my man, but if, and God forbid, he does it, it better be with younger women like myself not those older women I see young men fool around with in Mombasa,” says Lisa.

There is yet another bunch of women who, much as they suspect their men cheat, say they can do so with all the women they want, but they should never risk it with their (women’s) sisters and circle of close friends.

“I don’t condone cheating. But men being who they are, you can never stop them. They always do it, anyway. But so long as he comes back to me, I have no big problem. And again, if my man is to sleep with other women, he rather not dare do it with my sister or close friend because that will be disrespect of highest order,” says Ann Karanja*, an assistant office administrator.


For others, the husband’s hanky-panky is none of their bother if he can keeps it to himself and tames his mistresses.

“I know mine is not a perfect man, just like any other man, he could be cheating. I mean, I cannot tie him to my waist with a rope, so I let him do all he wishes as long as he does not flaunt it on my face. The worst than can happen is him deliberately leaving behind evidence or a mistress trying to disrespect me,” says a married Nairobi-based lawyer.

She says all is well as long as she is not receiving calls and texts from his other women.

“I will not miss court sessions because he came home late previous night or didn’t come at all. But I will lose sleep if one of his other women called or sent me text messages insulting me,” she says, adding that there would be more happiness in many marriages if cheating husbands were a little more careful and also made sure that their girlfriends stick to their lane; that of being just the insignificant other woman.

spanner in the works

Jacob Akenga throws a spanner in the works by claiming that some women, much as they may not confess, will ‘take it easy’ if their men cheated with women more beautiful than them.

“Trust me, there those who can easily forgive you if you cheated on them with drop dead gorgeous lasses. The reasoning behind it is that to them such an action sort of endorses you and confirms that others, too, find you attractive. Woe unto you if your woman catches or suspects you to be cheating on her with an ugly woman. They feel degraded big time,” jokingly says Akenga. He adds: “Ever wondered why women fume and even divorce husbands after sleeping with house girls. Yet they don’t react with same enthusiasm when their men cheat with top executives?”

Can’t Condone Nonsense

However, when asked to comment on the same, most women refuted the claim with one Tracy Rono insisting that, “cheating is cheating and I condone none.”

Hear her: “If I ever catch my boyfriend cheating that will be the end of the relationship, and he knows it. Much as it is said men always cheat, I swear if I caught him that will be the end of me and him.”

For Christine Murunga*, a nurse, cheating is a no no.

“I can’t condone such nonesense? I will not stick to a cheating spouse! That is like gambling with my life. I will not sit and wait for him to bring a disease home or cause my two children and I endless torment. I shall walk out the moment I sniff the slightest possibility of infidelity in our marriage,” she says assertively.

“Remaining faithful to your partner, wife or husband for your entire life is an ultimate sign of maturity and respect. You can’t sleep around and lie you still love and respect your partner,” says Anthony Gitonga, a social worker in Nairobi.

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Bacon Escape Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Bacon Escape is a fast-paced, auto-running platformer-dodger from Illusion Labs. In this game, players will help a pig escape from prison as he flees down a dangerous mine cart track filled with a variety of dangers. Gamezebo’s Bacon Escape Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you master the art of railway manipulation so your pig—and sheep, and unicorn, and alien cat—friends can finally make it to their Happy Place.

Basic Controls

Bacon Escape is an auto-runner, but in this game you don’t control the actual character. Instead, you must manipulate the obstacles and track around him to create a safe path for his cart to traverse. If he is coming up on a row of spikes, you need to tap to turn the spikes upside-down. If he is about to enter a set of flames, you need to hold your finger on the screen to extinguish the flames.


The objects you can manipulate are clearly denoted by their color. Blue objects or sections of the track will respond to a single tap, rotating to a different state in response to your tap. For instance, a blue platform with spikes sticking up will flip upside down when you tap, hiding the spikes. If you let go, the spikes will remain facing down, but if you tap again they will flip right-side up again. Most blue objects have two states—a ramp leading up or down, a hammer facing left or right, a bridge open or closed—but some will have more than two, and tapping will cycle through all of them. For instance, some platforms have three surfaces—flat, spiked, and bouncy—and to get from flat to bouncy you’ll need to tap twice.


Red objects or sections of the track will respond to tap-and-hold: they have a default state—turned on, facing up, etc.—and as long as you are holding down on the screen they enter the opposite state. So flames that are on by default will shut off as long as you are holding the screen. A vertical moving platform with a default state of up will move down when you hold and then return to its “up” state when you release. Red objects have a light on their side that indicates if you are currently affecting them: so, if you hold down and a flame shuts off, the light on the side of the flame platform will come on. When you release, the light turns off.

You can use the lights on the side of moving platforms as a hint/confirmation of where they will go when you hold or release: their default state is lit up when you’re not holding and the direction you move them will light up when you are holding. So, in the image above, the small platform just right of the flames moves left when we are holding (lit up) and right when we release (not lit up). The lights on the flames block are on because we are currently holding to extinguish them.


There are two other types of objects you’ll encounter that are singular unto themselves. Purple platforms always contain poisonous gas. The default state for gas is turned off, and when you tap-and-hold, the gas turns on. This is essentially the opposite of red flame blocks and you’ll often find purple gas used in conjunction with flames: this forces you to hold-release-hold-release in quick succession to turn off the flame, turn off the gas, flame, gas, etc.


The final object type you’ll come across are pipes. Pipes teleport your cart from the pipe it enters to whichever pipe it is pointing toward. Some levels feature only two pipes, so you don’t need to adjust where the cart exits. On levels with multiple pipes, however, you can see which pipe will be the exit pipe in two ways: first, the pipe you enter will have a green arrow on its side pointing toward the exit pipe. Second, the exit pipe itself will have a green light on it, indicating it is currently active. In the image above, you can see an arrow pointing to the upper pipe and a green light on that upper pipe, both of which indicate it will be the exit location if we do not tap. If you tap before entering the first pipe, it will change which pipe is the exit destination, rotating through the available options.

Bacon Escape Tips

  • Your taps affect everything on-screen. If there are multiple obstacles visible on-screen, keep in mind that your taps–or tap-hold, or lifting your finger–will impact all of them. So if there are flames, poison gas, and a ramp on-screen, tap-holding will turn off the flames, turn on the poison gas, and flip the ramp to the opposite direction, all at the same time.
  • You need to look ahead but also be aware of where your cart is currently. Because of the rule above, one of the biggest challenges in Bacon Escape is being able to look two places at once: you always need to be looking ahead to see what obstacles are coming up so you’re prepared to make adjustments on the fly. However, you also need to be aware of your cart’s current location in the level and what obstacles it is passing / has just passed. For instance, if you’re heading for a bridge that’s open and you need to tap to close it, but you’re currently passing over a section of purple gas: if you tap too soon, you’ll turn on the gas and end the run, but if you tap too late, the bridge won’t close in time. Our default viewpoint is looking just slightly ahead of where the cart is. It’s a very tricky balancing act that really just takes practice—the more you play, the more you’ll be aware of your cart’s location and speed and able to judge how long it will take to get past obstacle A before you reach obstacle B.


  • Most levels have alternate routes. You cannot impact the cart’s movement directly, but you can help decide which route it takes. Often, you’ll come across alternate paths along the track, and you can send the cart along one path or the other simply by changing the route ahead—move a ramp so it faces up instead of down, a pipe so it leads forward instead of backward, or a block so it is bouncy instead of flat, etc. These types of changes will allow you to visit different sections of a level which may be easier or harder, and may contain different items, like apples. To collect all the apples or items in a level, you’ll often need to replay them, taking different routes on subsequent playthroughs.


  • You can revisit past stages anytime. Bacon Escape sends you from one completed stage immediately to the next, but you can return to a past stage any time you wish. The pause menu / game over / continue screen—they’re all roughly the same—has a list of levels at the very top. You can drag left and right to see past or future stages; those that are colored in have been unlocked and are available to play. Levels you’ve completed have a green checkmark next to them; the red apple icons indicate how many and which apples you’ve found in a stage; and the wooden crate icon shows up on stages with a treasure chest that you’ve found.
  • Use the level list for hints when hunting for apples. If you’re trying to find all the apples in the levels, use the stage menu mentioned above to help you. Apples are checked off in the order they appear in the level, so if you have two out of three apple icons and the remaining blank icon is listed first, you know it shows up earlier in the stage than the two apples you have found. Apples turn into a giant coin after they’ve been collected, so if you were hunting for an early-stage apple and came across a giant coin, you’ll know you’ve gone too far.
  • What’s the white line on the level percentage bar? There’s a vertical white line that shows up on the percentage complete bar at the top of a stage after you play it at least once. This line indicates the farthest you’ve gotten on a level so far: if you made it to 50% on your first attempt and then died at 30% on the next attempt, the line would remain at 50%. This is helpful if you’re stuck on a tricky platforming area—you’ll know you’re coming up on it when you get close to the line—and also as a way to compare if you’re doing better or worse than previous attempts.


  • Use the in-level signs for guidance. There are a few types of signs you’ll come across while riding the rails: the most common is the giant skull, indicating something deadly is coming up soon. This doesn’t seem too helpful at first—there are deadly things coming at you constantly—but it usually indicates if a red tap-and-hold item like flames, or a series of opposing blue items like spikes, are up next. Apple signs will point the way to the next apple, usually indicating which path you should take when given the option. Arrows will hint at areas where you need to go up or down but might not realize it until it’s too late, like a blockade at the end of a bridge or a bounce that you really need to activate. Levels with hidden chests will usually have a sign with a treasure chest on it near where the chest is.
  • You don’t have to survive a run to collect items. Any coins, apples, or items you pick up during a run are yours to keep whether you finish the level or die within a few seconds. Also, the same is true for items collected after you die: if your character flies out of the cart and collects more coins or even apples, those will be counted as picked up.


  • You can still impact your character after they crash. If you’re trying to complete a mission like “fly X meters after crashing” or “collect X coins after crashing,” you can try to impact your character’s post-death distance by tapping and manipulating nearby obstacles after they die. If they land on a bouncy platform, for instance, you could tap and send their body flying. It’s also just fun to keep messing with the environment and see where you end up.
  • Sometimes the best tactic is holding your finger down even if you don’t need to. In early stages, we typically tapped and lifted our finger whenever we weren’t actively dealing with a red obstacle. However, in later stages, dangers will come at you so quickly that it can be useful to keep your finger held down in preparation of upcoming red platforms. For instance, if you tap to move a blue platform, keep your finger down until you need to tap again—you very well might fly into a set of flame blocks and save yourself a death by keeping your finger on the screen. It’s slightly easier to lift your finger if you need to—in the case of purple gas, for instance—than to tap and hold when it’s already too late.


  • You can use obstacles for things other than their obvious purpose. There will be times you’ll need to fly over a gap or up a hill, but there won’t be a ramp or bouncy platform nearby. In cases like these, you’ll have to find creative uses for other obstacles. A good example is near the beginning of stage 15, pictured above: there is a barricade followed by a small gap, with the track continuing higher up. Just before the barricade is a long spike trap and nothing else. You need to flip the spikes upside down, ride onto the platform, then flip it back over while you’re on its left side, flinging yourself over the gap. You’ll do this frequently with the wedge-shaped platforms that form walls when sticking up; flipping them up while driving over them will propel you up into the air, allowing you to collect coins or reach higher platforms.
  • Levels will get extremely challenging and require many attempts. Bacon Escape starts off fairly slow, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. It’s expected that you’ll have to replay levels multiple times before you complete them, learning the obstacles and making mental notes of tough areas and how to get past them. Don’t get too frustrated if you die, a lot. We spent a couple of hours on level 14—one of the hardest levels in the game, in our opinion—dying over and over again, but eventually got through it. There is some trial and error and muscle memory in play here—just remember that you have unlimited lives and can retry as many times as you need to.


  • Don’t use apples for revives unless you’re sure you can complete the level. When you die, you’re given the option to continue from where your run ended. To do so, you can either watch a video ad (on the first retry) or pay apples. Each time you die and continue on the same level, however, the cost in apples goes up. So let’s say you make it to 50%, die, and choose to continue for 2 apples. If you then make it to 70% and die, you can choose to continue again, but this time it will cost 3 apples. Eventually you won’t have enough apples—or want to spend that many—to continue, and you’ll be forced to start over at the beginning, losing all the apples you spent on those other continues. We generally try to avoid using apples unless we’re already 70% of the way through the level, and ideally closer to 80 or 90%.
  • How do I get more apples? Levels in Bacon Escape have a finite number of apples, visible as icons on the level select map at the top of the menu screen. Level 1, for instance, has three apples while level 9 only has two, and level 10 has four. You can only collect the apples in a level once—between the 25 stages currently available in the game, there are 71 apples available total. There are two other ways to get apples: the first is to purchase them via IAPs in the item shop. You can get 30 apples for $2.99, 75 for $4.99, etc. The other way to get apples is by paying coins to open treasure chests. While you’ll usually get a character or cart, you will sometimes win an apple instead.


  • Treasure chests’ price goes up each time you buy one—for that day. Buying a treasure chest—which awards you either a character, a cart, or a single apple—costs 500 coins. However, after you buy a chest, the next one will cost 600 coins. After buying two chests, the cost will be 700. The price goes up 100 coins every time you purchase a chest, but this price increase only stays in effect for that day. If you wait a day, the price will drop back down to the original 500 coins, and then move back up by 100 coins for each chest you buy. Because of this, it’s best to just buy a few chests each day, even if you have plenty of coins—wait for the cost to go back down and you’ll be able to afford more in the long run.
  • Some characters are better to purchase outright. In the character/cart select menu, you can see the price of buying certain characters or carts outright. Each one has a different cost, with prices ranging from as low as 200 coins to as high as 22 apples. Although you can earn any of these characters or carts from the randomized treasure chest, it’s better to buy the ones that cost less than 500 coins directly, since treasure chests will never drop below 500 coins.


  • Why can’t I buy some characters/carts? Some are hidden within the levels inside crates that you have to pick up. A few are only available within the randomized chest. If a character doesn’t have a price, when you tap on them, you’ll likely see a crate and “hidden in level” or “hidden in chest.” Character #31 and cart #17 are the only exceptions; #31 is only available as an in-app purchase when you buy the Starter Pack for real money, and #17 is only available when you buy the Extra Life IAP. None of the characters or carts, paid or otherwise, affect the gameplay in any way—they are all aesthetic only.

If you’d like to know which levels have crates containing characters or carts hidden somewhere within them, they are: Levels 1, 2, 3, 6, 11—and two others. We’re still tracking down those remaining two, but there are seven levels with hidden chests in total (so far). If you’ve already found the other two, let us know in the comments!